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  402/410 HF Horizontally and Dual-Polarized High-Gain Receiving and DF CDAAs
  632 Monopole Antenna
  641 VHF/UHF DF and Monitor Antenna Array
  7181 Antenna Switch
  7184 Antenna Switch
  7235 HFDF Antenna
  802 HFDF System
  803 VHF/UHF Signal Acquisition and DF System
  8070 Monitor/Collection Operator Workstation
  8011 Communications Server
  8013 DF Operator Workstation
  8014 Supervisor Workstation
  8015 Command Center Workstation
  8084 Wideband HF Receiver
  8085 Receiver
  8105 HF Multicoupler
  8173 Receiver
  8174 Receiver
  820B Near Vertical Incidence Ionospheric Sounder System
  8400 DF Receiver
  8412 Switch, Calib. Source and RF Distrib. Unit
  8507 Modular HF Beamformer
  901 Raven (a)
  9050 Signal Classifier
  9054 Spectrum Processor
  9057 TCS-7 Chirpsounder Transmitter
  9067 RCS-7 Chirpsounder Receiver
  9091 DF Processor
  9092 HF Wideband Signal Acquisition Processor
  9093 Signal Identification Processor

Spectrum Monitoring
  Spectrum Monitoring System Specifications
  710 Spectrum Management Software
  715 Scorpio
  8412 RF Direction Finding Switch
  8067 Spectrum Processor

  TCS-7A Transmitter
  RCS-7A (B or C) Receiver
  TCS- Transmitter
  XCS-6 Transceiver
  TCT 4280 Transceiver
  RCS-6A Receiver AN/URQ-39
  RCS-6B Receiver (XCS-6 Receive Only)
  RCS-5A or B Receiver

Voice Grade Channel Processor
  Model 113A/113ASC Voice Channel Demodulator
  Model 115 Multichannel Link Survey Unit
  Model 117A Multichannel Processor
  Model 117B Multichannel Processor
  Model 128B Multichannel Processor
  Model 139A FDM to PCM Transmultiplexer
  Model 285 Multi-Carrier SCPC/MCPC Processor
  Model 285H Multi-Carrier SCPC/MCPC Processor
  Model 1520 Integrated Channel Processing System

Wideband Digital Signal Processors
  Model 195 Wideband Snapshot Analyzer
  Model 196 Transponder Survey Unit
  Model 990 Flexible Data Acquisition and Waveform Generator System
  B990 Advanced I/O Card
  Model 245AF Equalizer-Demodulator
  Model 245XP Cross-Pol and Diversity Equalizer/Demodulator
  Model 249A Radio Demultiplexer
  Model 252A/F Radio Demultiplexer
  Model 254S Cross-Pol Demdoulator/Decoder/SDH Demultiplexer
  Model 257D Dual Channel SDH/SONET Demultiplexer
  B257D Dual Path DSH/SONET Demultiplexer Card
  Model 957D Dual Channel SDH/SONET Demultiplexer

Board Level Products
  B104 Quad-Channel Digital Tuner/Processor
  B105 Modular Digital Processor for the IBM-AT
  B108D Four-Channel Digitizer
  B108T Eight-Channel Digital Tuner
  B132 Narrowband Digital Receiver

Recorder/Signal Generation Products
  Model 320B Signal Storage Unit
  Model 375S Tape Interface Unit
  Model 990 Flexible Data Acquisition and Waveform Generator System
  B990 Advanced I/O Card

Mobile Radio Signal Processing Systems
  Model 215B Multichannel Digital Receiver
  Model 635L Wireless Surveillance System

IF/RF Processing Equipment
  Model 207AE Frequency Translator
  Model 207AH Frequency Translator
  Model 236C UHF Block Downconverter
  Model 236D Tunable Block Downconverter

System Support Products
  Model 208A/ANT/S/SP E1 PCM Mux/Demux
  Model 208ANT E1 PCM Mux/Demux
  Model 208ANT L1 PCM Mux/Demux
  Model 208DC E1 Mux/Demux Monitor
  Model 208N E1 Digital Demultiplexer
  Model 208SRC VGC/E1 Mux/Demux/Splitter
  Model 220A E1 Splitter, Model 220B T1 Splitter, Model 220A/B E1/T1 Splitter, Model 228AI E3 Splitter
  Model 220DL E1 Delay/Splitter
  Model 223R E1/E3 Muex/Demux
  Model 223S E1/E3 Mux/Demux
  Model 223SRC E1/E3 Mux/Demux/Splitter
  Model 224 E1/T1 Switch
  Model 226ERB Analog Switch
  Model 226ERC Analog Switch
  Model 226RB E3 PCM Switch
  Model 226RC E3 PCM Switch
  Model 228DH E3/ECL Splitter
  Model 228E ECL Splitter
  Model 229W E3/E4 Mux/Demux
  Model 320B Signal Storage Unit
  Model 330NT/300 Digital Signal Distribution Unit
  Model 360R HDB3/Logic Converter
  Model 361GB CMI/Logic Converter
  Model 362RG Logic Translator
  Model 362SRC Sine/Logic Translator/Splitter
  Model 366LS STM-1/4 NRZ to Optical/DECL Converter
  Model 366SRC STM-1 NRZ/CMI/Optical Converter
  Model 367RG CMI/NRZ/Logic Converter and STM-4 Demultiplexer
  Model 368SRC STM-1/E4 Splitter
  Model 368WG STM-1/E4 Splitter
  Model 369R E4/STM-1 Mux/Demux
  Model 372T STM-1/E4/E3 Mux/Demux
  Model 2001SRC Noise Test Set

Software Products and Analysis Packages
  ELVIRA Signal Analysis Workstation
  Pager Identification and Message Extraction
  Fax Image Workstation
  Data Workstation
  Data Signal Distribution
  TRAILMAPPER II: Protocol Analysis and Processing Software Package

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