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  RAR Series Raman Amplifiers
  1 to 5 Watts Single Channel C and L-Band Erbium Fiber Amplifiers
  C-Band Amplifier : Output Power 15 dBm
  C-Band Amplifier : Output Power 18,20 dBm
  C-Band Polarization-Maintaining Amplifier
  L-Band Amplifier
  C+L Band Amplifier
  S-Band Amplifier

Optical Switches
  1x2 Optical Switch
  2x2 Optical Switch
  1x3 - 1x5 Optical Switch
  1x3 - 1x8 Optical Switch
  1x3 - 1x26 Optical Switch Rotary

  LT450 VOA
  Smart VOA
  Polarization Maintaining Variable Optical Attenuators
  Bare type VOA

Polarization Controller
  PC1000 series

Polarization Synthesizer
  PC1120A series

Tunable Polarizer
  TP1110A series

Optical Tilt Equalizer
  OT1000 series
  LuxxMaster Wavelength Stabilizers

  1310 nm LD/1550 nm PIN-TIA
  1550 nm LD/1310 nm PIN-TIA
  Fiber Optic AM Media Converter (Video-Data)

  PDXX Series: InGaAs, Si and GE PIN Diodes, Si and GE APD's
  PTIN Series: PIN TIA's
  InGaAs APD
  PELED Series: 1310nm Edge Light Emitting Diodes
  Sugar Cubes: 1310nm Singlemode RX modules

  Sugar Cubes: 1310nm Singlemode TX modules
  LFP1315 Series: 1310nm/1550nm Fabry Perot Laser Diodes
  NILR Series: Near Infrared Laser Diodes
  LDFB Series: 1310nm/1550nm Distributed Feedback Laser Diodes
  Pulsed 1315: 1310nm/1550nm Pulsed Laser Diodes
  Visible Series: Visible Laser Diodes
  PL16MLD Series: 1625nm Laser Diodes
  Isolated DFB Series Laser Diodes
  LuxxMaster 785 nm Laser
  LuxxMaster 808 nm Laser
  LuxxMaster 976 nm Laser
  LuxxMaster 808 nm Laser - Diode Array
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